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Navigating Gilbert’s New Utility Rates: A Guide to Understanding the Impact


As we step into April, Gilbert residents and business owners are greeted with a notable change—the implementation of new utility rates for water and solid waste & recycling services. Approved unanimously by the Gilbert Town Council on February 6, these rate adjustments aim to address critical infrastructure needs and rising operational costs while also introducing a utility bill discount pilot program to assist those in need. Let’s delve deeper into what these changes mean for the community and how they tie into April’s Earth Month ethos.

Understanding the Rate Increases:

Water Services: The gradual rate increase in water services is designed to mitigate immediate financial burdens on residents and businesses. In April 2024, the average monthly residential water bill will rise by $17, followed by approximately $13 in 2025 and $16 in 2026. These adjustments are essential to support crucial infrastructure projects like the reconstruction of the North Water Treatment Plant (NWTP). Aging infrastructure, Colorado River shortages, and evolving water quality necessitate these upgrades to ensure the continued delivery of clean, safe, and reliable drinking water to Gilbert.

Solid Waste & Recycling Services: Similarly, solid waste & recycling services will witness fee increases to address rising operational costs. An estimated 90% of residential customers will experience an $8.52 monthly increase, bringing their total bill to $27.55. The escalating prices of acquiring new garbage trucks and landfill disposal have significantly contributed to these adjustments.

Utility Bill Discount Pilot Program: Recognizing the potential financial strain on certain segments of the community, Gilbert is launching a utility bill discount pilot program this summer. This initiative aims to provide financial assistance to residents facing hardships, particularly vulnerable populations, to prevent crisis situations and ensure access to essential services.

Earth Month and Sustainability: While utility rate increases may initially seem burdensome, they play a crucial role in maintaining and enhancing essential services that contribute to Gilbert’s sustainability goals. Efficient water management, waste reduction, and infrastructure improvements align with Earth Month’s theme of environmental stewardship and resource conservation. These changes underscore Gilbert’s commitment to responsible resource management and resilience in the face of evolving challenges.

Stay Informed and Engaged: To stay updated on utility rates, the discount pilot program, and other relevant information, visit Gilbert encourages community engagement and participation to foster a resilient and sustainable future for all residents.


Source: Gilbert Az

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